About Mr. Nosrat

Mr. Nosrat

Mr. Nosrat has a heart for worship, educating students, and for sharing music to God's people throughout the world, including Europe, Africa, and throughout the US.

He began his studies on violin at the age of 4, and began playing in orchestras by the age of 6. He began teaching private students in his own studio by the age of 11. Mr. Nosrat was born in Sweden and has also lived in Croatia before living throughout the US and graduating high school at Western Christian High School in California. Due to a hand injury at the end of high school, he was not able to play violin for nearly 2 years, and during that time embarked on singing. By God's grace, his hands would heal, and he would emphasize in both violin and voice in his conservatory training and college education.

In 2017, Mr. Nosrat began providing worship for Abundant Living Family Church, and was brought on as a worship director. He has directed worship groups, string groups, full symphonies, and composed music for symphony orchestras.

Mr. Nosrat is very happy to be the teacher of the music program at Water of Life Christian Schools. He is looking forward to getting to know all of the students and to inspire them to be leaders in music and of Christ.