Kindergarten Music Curriculum

All students must please bring a pencil, eraser and a cardboard folder to bring to their weekly music class to keep and return their music paperwork each week!

Grades K - 4 music classes follow the Pfeiffer House Music Christian School Elementary Music Curriculum. The Christian School edition contains lyrics and text from Scripture or that are based on belief in the Christian faith. The activities are conducive for a classroom learning environment.

Materials Required: One small folder for placement and transportation of music worksheets. One sharpened pencil with eraser.

Here is a more detailed curriculum outlook:

Lesson 1: Numbers

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Numbers, Counting to 8, Counting by Twos, "Buckle My Shoe" chant, Solfege Exposure, "The Octopus Song" singing the 8 notes of a Major Octave. Coloring Activity, Counting Worksheet

Lesson 2: Barnyard Animals

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Animals, Rhythm Chant with CD, Solfege with CD, Song "Farm Square Dance" about Barnyard Animals, Psalm 23.

Lesson 3: Seasons: Autumn

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Seasons/Autumn, Leaves activity, Rhythm and Solfege from the CD, Song "Autumn Is Here", Fall Leaves Activity

Lesson 4: Seasons: Winter

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Seasons: Winter, Downward Movement, Rhythm and Solfege with the CD, Song "Skating" with Snowflake Activity, Strauss Blue Danube Listening

Lesson 5: Seasons: Spring

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Seasons/Spring, Rhythm and Solfege with CD: God Makes the Seeds Grow, Instrument Making Activity, Song "Springtime Is Here" about Spring. Seed Planting Activity, Nature Walk and Music Listening Activity: Vivaldi Four Seasons - Spring

Lesson 6: Seasons: Summer

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, High and Low, Seasons: Summer, Rhythm and Solfege with the CD, Recognizing High and Low Sounds, Kite Making Activity, Music Listening Suggestion: Gershwin - Porgy and Bess

Lesson 7: Food Groups

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Food Groups, "Mother's Knives and Forks" Finger Play, Solfege and Rhythm Activities with CD, Song "You Are What You Eat" about Food Groups, Food Group Worksheet Activity, Food-related Activity

Lesson 8: Animals: Fish

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Upward and Downward, Rhythm and Solfege with CD, Swimming Motion Activity "Fish Face", Aquarium Activity

Lesson 9: Days of the Week and Months

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Learning the Days of the Week, Learning the Months in English and Spanish, Song "January Through December"

Lesson 10: Pioneers

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Pioneers, Rhythm Chant, Solfege "Let's Raise a Barn", Nature Center Activity

Lesson 11: Pilgrims

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Pilgrims, Thankfulness, Song: Thank God, Gourd Shakers Activity

Lesson 12: Phonics and Letters

Steady Beat, Matching Pitch, Loud and Soft, Alphabet, Long and Short Vowels. Song "Amy and Mabel" which goes through the vowels. A great way to learn the vowels. Get a storyteller for your classroom.

Lesson 13: Fast and Slow

Fast and Slow, Rhythm Flash Cards, SolfegeSong "Run" to coincide with a movement activity. Listening Activity: Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King

Lesson 14: Loud and Soft

Loud and Soft, Using Indoor and Outdoor Voices, Rhythm and Solfege "In a Cabin", Music Listening Activity: Haydn - Surprise Symphony