First Grade Curriculum

All students must please bring a pencil, eraser and a cardboard folder to bring to their weekly music class to keep and return their music paperwork each week!

Grades K - 4 music classes follow the Pfeiffer House Music Christian School Elementary Music Curriculum. The Christian School edition contains lyrics and text from Scripture or that are based on belief in the Christian faith. The activities are conducive for a classroom learning environment.

Materials Required: One small folder for placement and transportation of music worksheets. One sharpened pencil with eraser.

Here is a more detailed curriculum outlook:

Lesson 1: Sentences

Quarter Note - Eighth Note Rhythms, Major Scale Steps, Solfege With Hand Signs and Audio (included), Rhythm Chant with Audio, Song "Let's Make a Sentence" About Sentences, Sentence Game, Quill Pen and Clip Board Activities

Lesson 2: Neighbors

Eighth Note Rhythms, Movement, Being a Good Neighbor, Rhythm Chant with Flash Cards and CD (included) Solfege With CD, Song "The Neighbor Polka" about what it means to be a friendly neighbor

Lesson 3: Creation

Staff, Scale Steps, Creation, Rhythm and Solfege, Song "Created By His Hand"

Lesson 4: Numbers Greater and Less

Staff, Scale Steps, Numbers Greater and Less, Tongue Twisters Rhythm and Solfege with CD, Song "Numbers Greater and Less"

Lesson 5: Being Thankful

Scale, Upward and Downward Melody Contour, Thankfulness, Solfege With CD, Rhythm With Flash Cards, Song "Say Thank You" About Showing Kindness, Music Listening Activity

Lesson 6: Letter Names in Music

Music Alphabet, Rhythms, Rhythm Echo Clap with CD and Flashcards, Solfege Minor Scale with CD, Song "Music Alphabet Song" About the Seven Letters in the Music Alphabet, Lettering Activities, Playing Along Activity

Lesson 7: Resting and Rests

Rests, Resting, Rhythm and Solfege with CD, Song, "When You're Tired, Rest" About How We Need Rest, and Music Can Rest By Being Quiet, Resting Activity, Music Listening Activity

Lesson 8: The Clock

Minor, Harmony, Ostinato, Telling Time, Rhythm and Solfege With CD and Flash Cards, Song "Mr. Clock Hands" About Telling Time, Harmony Ostinato Activity, Music Listening Activity, Clock Activities

Lesson 9: Posture

Singing Posture and Breath Support, Posture, Rhythm Flash Cards, Solfege With Hand Signs, Worksheet and CD, Song "Don't Be Shlumpy" a slow jazz song about having good Posture, Posture Activities, Music Listening

Lesson 10: Letter Combinations

Treble Clef Scale,Letter Combinations,Rhythm Flash Cards, Solfege With CD, Song "Letter Song" about how different letter combinations such as "CH" turns "Cat" into "Chat", Rhythm Activities

Lesson 11: Planets

Raised Scale Step, The Planets, Rhythm Flash Cards, Solfege With CD, Song "The Planets", Planets Learning Activity, Planetarium Activity, Music Listening

Lesson 12: Baseball Dream

Finding Melodic Patterns in Music, Recognizing Rhythms, Baseball, Rhythms, Solfege "A Baseball Dream", a Song about Baseball, Melody Shape Worksheet

Lesson 13: Folk Songs

Measures, Bar Lines, The Meter, Folk Songs, Rhythm and Solfege With CD, "Down By the Bay", Pat-Clap Pattern Activity

Lesson 14: Do Your Best

Meter, Bar Lines, Reading Music, Trying your Best, Rhythm and Solfege Song "Always Do Your Best" about giving your best effort