Classroom Management

All students are expected to be attentive, respectful, and engaged in the classroom, whether it be in person or virtual.

In virtual settings, students are expected to keep their camera on, while muting it whenever not playing. We must withhold an organized and positive learning environment in our adapting learning environment.


If a student is excused from school for the day and miss my class, their grade will be excused for the day. If they miss a test and their absence is excused then they will be allowed to make the test up when they return.


If a student has an unexcused absence at school, they will receive a 0. Music is a unit-heavy class, and is important to withhold to maintain a good GPA. During this trying time, I will have understanding with certain situations that may come about. Please keep open communication with me about this.


Grades K - 4: 100% Behavior and Participation

Grades 5 - 8: 60: Behavior and participation, 20% Assessments and 20% Theory Assignments

Any and all absences from a planned extra rehearsal or concert must be excused with a letter from your parent/guardian or you will receive a 0 for that performance score with no chance for make up. We only have limited numbers of performances each year and so it is vital that absences are excused if you’re unable to attend.

If you have an excused absence from any extra rehearsals or concerts then you will have to make the grade up with a written assignment at teacher’s discretion.