Third Grade Music Curriculum

All students must please bring a pencil, eraser and a cardboard folder to bring to their weekly music class to keep and return their music paperwork each week!

Grades K - 4 music classes follow the Pfeiffer House Music Christian School Elementary Music Curriculum. The Christian School edition contains lyrics and text from Scripture or that are based on belief in the Christian faith. The activities are conducive for a classroom learning environment.

Materials Required: One small folder for placement and transportation of music worksheets. One sharpened pencil with eraser.

Here is a more detailed curriculum outlook:

Third graders are continuing the journey of learning while singing and playing, about the United States, spelling, fitness, and musical styles along with the nuts and bolts of music education. Who says learning can't be fun? Moving, listening, and singing along are all part of the journey

Lesson 1: National Anthem

Introduction to Singing and Rhythm, The National Anthem, Solfege with breath support and CD, Major Scale Solfegge, Rhythm Echo Clap with CD and Flash Cards. Song "Star Spangled Banner", Flag Activity, Cake Activity

Lesson 2: This Land Is Your Land

Rhythm and Melody, America, Solfege with CD and Hand Signs,Rhythm Activity with Worksheet and CD, Song "This Land is Your Land", Keyboarding Activity from Worksheet. Sand Painting Activity, Nature Walk Activity

Lesson 3: Hygiene

Three-Four time, Intervals, Hygiene, Rhythm Worksheet Activity, Solfege Activity with CD, "A Song about Hygiene" with Activities. Donating Goods and Other Activities

Lesson 4: Folk Music

Pick-up notes, sight-reading, folk music, Echo- Sing Solfege with Hand Signs and CD, Rhythm Activities with CD, Song "Oh Shenandoah", Music Listening and Making Up Songs Activities

Lesson 5: States

Scale, Seconds, Rhythm, Steps vs. Leaps, States,Solfege and Rhythm, Activities with CD and Worksheet, Song "The United States" which goes around the country, and mentions all the states. A great song for learning what all the states are.

Lesson 6: Moses

Intervals: Thirds, Moses of the Biblem Solfege with Worksheet and CD, Rhythm Activity with Worksheets and CD. Melodic contour activity.

Lesson 7: Multiplication Tables

Minor Scale, Rhythm Flash Cards with CD, Multiplication Tables, Solfege Activities with CD, Song "Try to Multiply" about the multiplication tables. Music Listening Activity.

Lesson 8: Jewish Folk-Style Music

Hearing Harmony, Minor, Rhythm Activity, Solfege with CD, Harmony Worksheet, Song '"One Thing" showing Jewish Folk-Style. Harmony and Ostinato Activity

Lesson 9: Paragraph

Rhythm Game, Treble Clef, Letter Names of Notes, Writing Paragraphs, Rhythm, Solfege Activity With CD, Song "A Paragraph" About Writing a Paragraph.

Lesson 10: Spelling Bee

Three-Four Rhythms, Treble Clef, Letter Names of Notes, Repeat Signs, Music Terminology, Spelling, Rhythm exercise with CD and Flash Cards, Solfege Note and Masking Tape Activity, "Spelling Bee" song

Lesson 11: Lend a Helping Hand/Charity

Triad/Chords, Writing Rhythms, Giving to Charity, Rhythm Exercise with CD and Flash Cards, Solfege with Hand Signs and CD. Triad Worksheet. "Lend a Helping Hand", a song about serving others.

Lesson 12: Talents and Gifts

Form, Fourths, Using Your Talents and Gifts, Rhythm Exercise, Solfege with Hand Signs and CD, Worksheet on fourths, "Talents and Gifts", a song about sharing them with others.

Lesson 13: Rain Down

Right and Wrong Chords, Isaiah from the Bible, Rhythm Clapping with Flash Cards and CD. Solfege with CD, Song "Rain Down" about answered prayer

Lesson 14: Fitness

Cadence, Treble Clef, Letter Names of Notes, Fitness, Rhythm Chant with CD, Solfege with CD and Hand Signs, Song "Get Fit" about exercise and staying fit.