Second Grade Music Curriculum

All students must please bring a pencil, eraser and a cardboard folder to bring to their weekly music class to keep and return their music paperwork each week!

Grades K - 4 music classes follow the Pfeiffer House Music Christian School Elementary Music Curriculum. The Christian School edition contains lyrics and text from Scripture or that are based on belief in the Christian faith. The activities are conducive for a classroom learning environment.

Materials Required: One small folder for placement and transportation of music worksheets. One sharpened pencil with eraser.

Here is a more detailed curriculum outlook:

Lesson 1: Roman Numerals

Scale Steps Using Roman Numerals, Counting with Rom.Numerals, Solfege with audio, Rhythm with audio, Song "Uncle Jack" Telling a Story Using Roman Numerals

Lesson 2: Multiplication

Five Scale Steps Downward Using Sofegge, Echo Clap, Rhythm Exercises, Solfege with CD, Song "Starfish On the Beach" about Multiplication, Worksheet Activity, Music Listening

Lesson 3: Intervals

Intervals, Rhythm Chant, Solfege with CD, Four meter, Soda Bottle Musical Activity, Song "An Interval" about Intervals in Music, Musical Instrument Activity

Lesson 4: Seconds

Intervals, Seconds, Elephant Seals, Solfege, Rhythm Chant, Song: "Slipping, Sliding" which is about the elephant seal. This song uses many "seconds" in the melody.

Lesson 5: Prepositions

Intervals: Thirds, Rests, Prepositions, Solfege, Rhythm, Song "Preposition Definition" is all about prepositions.

Lesson 6: Advice

Ear Training, Advice, Rhythm Flash Cards,Solfege, "Advice" is a song about Proverbs19:20.

Lesson 7: Folk Songs

Reading Music on a Treble Clef Staff, Harmony, Folk Songs, Solfege, Rhythm Flash Cards, Song: "Bought Me a Cat" is a Coplend folk song. Very fun to learn and sing!

Lesson 8: Christmas Folk Song

Melodic Contour, Rests, Traditional Christmas Song, Rhythm, Solfege, "Christmas Is Coming"

Lesson 9: Getting Along

Bar Lines, Double Bar Lines, Measures, Treble Clef Note Review, Getting Along, "Get Along Song" is a song about being kind and respectful to each other.

Lesson 10: Photosynthesis

Sight-reading from Solfege Hand Signs, Reading Music from Staff, Seconds and Thirds, Echo Sing, Solfege, "Photosynthesis" makes oxygen and energy. A great learning song!

Lesson 11: Mammals/Pigs

Reading Solfege, Reading Music, Dynamics Loud and Soft, Echo Sing, Solfege Exercise. "The Ig-Pay" is a fun song about pigs... sung in "pig-latin".

Lesson 12: The Weather

Review of Note Names, Rest Names, Dynamics, Sight-Singing, Singing in Tune,Echo-sing, Solfegge, Song: "What's the Weather Today?" What will the weather man say? A great introduction to weather.

Lesson 13: Measurements

Rhythms, Ear Training, Measurements, Solfege, "Molly Measures" is a fun song about substituting measurements. If you can't take home a gallon of milk from the market, how about four quarts?

Lesson 14: Hatchin' Scratchin' Bird

Rhythms, Ear Training, Call and Response Song, The Bird song, a fun 40's era swing tune sung by the boys: Lesson touches on call and response style that comes form spirituals such as Swing Low Sweet Chariot.